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Write me a business case for investing in SEO

You wouldn’t think that anyone in marketing would still have to justify investing in SEO after all these years, but it turns out that it happens. Someone new comes along who holds the purse strings, and they’ve had a bad experience in the past; or we get one of those MDs whose idea of increasing efficiency is to make everyone re-justify everything they spend money on. I’m sure there are many other scenarios.

So it may be that we find ourselves having to put a business case together for our SEO budget. While I think nowadays I’d just go to some AI site and ask it to “Write me a business case for investing in SEO“, the old ways of copying what somebody’s already written can be just as easy.

How Do You Explain the Value of SEO? I Asked 100 Experts on the Ahrefs blog is what we’re looking for here. It suggests that the four main benefits are:

  • Get targeted, evergreen, compounding traffic
  • Reach buyers at all stages of their journey
  • Increase your visibility (and decrease competitor visibility)
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition

The article also helpfully addresses the objections that SEO takes too long, is volatile, has an ROI that’s too hard to measure, is too complicated and expensive, is unnecessary and doesn’t work.