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Why pages aren’t indexed

It’s not uncommon to find a large number of pages listed in Google Search Console as “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed”. You can find this under Indexing > Pages > Why pages aren’t indexed.

If there are many pages here, it might not be a problem: for example, it could be that the pages are archives, feeds or other duplicates which Google has (rightly) chosen to ignore, as the content can be found elsewhere on the site. If there are useful pages in the list, it could just be that it’s in the period between Google crawling and indexing the pages (although in this case, the pages might also appear under “Discovered – currently not indexed”). However, if the pages really should be in the index by now, maybe there’s some sort of quality issue, probably site-wide. See this as an opportunity!

To improve the pages’ chances of getting in the index, we need to look at them individually. Perhaps we need to bulk out the content? Or provide stronger links from elsewhere within the site?

If the page really seems like it should be in Google’s index, click on it in the “Crawled – Currently Not Indexed” list, then “Inspect the URL”, and “Request Indexing”. Make a note of the page(s) this has been done for, and return to the report a few days later. If that doesn’t have any effect, my best advice is to improve the content and the internal linking further.