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Things can only get better

If you’re reading this on 4 July, it’s General Election day here in the UK. I hope that everyone will take part and vote, even those of us who are exasperated with the antics of politicians in general, and their unwillingness to commit to as much detail as we’d like.

As ever, I’ve watched the election campaign with a marketing eye, and as usual, it’s been a big disappointment. Some parties and candidates have at least attempted to have a strategy and keep to it, but there have been precious few examples of successful execution. It’s staggeringly hard to draw attention to yourself if you’re outside of the major parties, so hats off to anyone who’s managed to do that. I think few have, and fewer still will see that result in the win they’re presumably after.

There aren’t as many people as you’d think behind the campaigns for even the major political parties, so it’s understandable if they don’t happen to have anyone on board with much marketing expertise. However, you wouldn’t think it’s that hard to go out and get advice, so I can only assume the parties think they know better. My limited experience with them tells me that’s the case.

I hope that whoever wins and forms the next government, they’re more open to expert advice when they need it.