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Negative keywords now block misspellings

A couple of nice new additions to Google Ads have been announced, relating to misspelled search terms. One that we particularly like is that “negative keywords now block misspellings” – in other words, if there are lots of recognised misspellings of brand names, we only have to put the brand name itself into the negative keyword list, and Google Ads will take care of the rest. Also, in reporting, where Google has shown an ad despite a word being misspelled, this will be included under the correctly-spelled term data, rather than hidden away under “other”.

Google says that it is common for words to be misspelled on Search – “for example, there are at least 1.5 million ways to misspell ‘YouTube’ on Google Search”, which shows what they have to deal with. I can’t think of more than a dozen ways, so it’s nice that they’re doing it for us.