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How can I outrank a competitor?

We’ve discussed how it’s essential to provide something a lot better than our competition if we’re to move the search results needle and appear above them. Apart from at least getting close to the number of links their target page has, we have to provide something that appears to Google’s algorithms to be considerably more useful.

But what?

I’ve been keeping my eye open for a nice list, and here it is. How to Actually Be Better Than Your Competitors in the Eyes of Choosy Customers on the Moz blog suggests we consider the following elements, especially if our competitor is lacking them:

  • A URL, title tag, H tags, and alt text that have all been optimized for the customer’s search phrase

  • More detailed product/service descriptions that cover all salient points, including technical specs, dimensions, care instructions, use cases, etc.

  • An expanded treatment of the page topic with more comprehensive text, including diving into subtopics

  • More and better imagery that bridges the online-to-offline gap more effectively

  • Video content

  • Audio content, like a related podcast episode

  • Quotes and other forms of content from customers, influencers, authoritative figures, or industry experts

  • Relevant facts, statistics, and data that strengthen your case/offering

  • Reviews and testimonials

  • Product/service comparisons

  • FAQs

  • Case studies

  • Infographics, charts, or tables

  • How-to guides or detailed instructions

  • Deals and special offers

  • Related products/services

  • Claims to fame such as awards, media mentions, etc.

That’s quite a lot to be getting on with.