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YouTube: it works.

If you’re considering starting or rebooting a YouTube channel for your business (or even as what the kids call a ‘side hustle’), there are some really good guides out there. This one, which I just came across, is an excellent example: How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2024 (it’s an updated edition of an earlier guide).

The three stages that the article takes you through are:

  1. Laying the Groundwork: Choose a niche and define your brand
  2. Setting Up Your YouTube Channel: Create your account and publish your first video
  3. Creating a System for YouTube Success: Measure, schedule, monetise, promote, engage, and collaborate

I had a good go at this last summer and quickly got to the 1,000 subscriber level needed to be able to monetise videos. One of my first videos, which I made, edited and uploaded in an afternoon, currently has 239,000 views. If I create any more as successful as that, at current advertising rates they might make me up to £1,000 each. I really need to find the time!

For a business, despite the videos probably not being monetised by advertising, a large number of views could be even more lucrative …in sales. Every business has expertise in its market, and every business can produce useful ‘how to’ videos. For most of us, it’s largely a question of making the effort.