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You only write when you rewrite

There are many methods of writing, and the ‘right’ one for each of us is the one which works best for us. That’s why it’s a good thing to try different methods early in our business career, if not before. For example, I long ago realised that most of the writing I had to do was to summarise existing pieces, or just put down what I’d already sorted out in my head, and therefore I was most productive if I tried to get it ‘right first time’.

This is unusual, however. I think for many people, the opposite approach is can be better. Just get something down on paper. It needn’t even be a ‘first draft’; just some bullet points or a ‘mind map’ style diagram will do. Once the ideas have been arranged, work up from sub-headings into a coherent piece. “You only write when you rewrite”, as they say.