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We have to be better

Supposing we decide that we want to rank highly for the search like “tips on choosing a blue widget”. Our first step would be to see what’s currently ranking for that search.

What should we look for in the top results?

The answer is not to look for things to copy. Those sites have already answered the question to the search engine’s satisfaction. Newer content simply covering the same ground in the same way is unlikely to jump in above them.

What we need to look at is how we can provide something better. What have they missed out? Have there been more recent developments? Is the question answered in that logical, hierarchical and list-like way that search engines appreciate? Is the presentation clear and well illustrated?

Of course, even mediocre results can be hard to beat if they’ve established themselves and picked up a decent number of external links. But something that’s newer and clearer will always stand a chance.