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The Art of Colour

While our important marketing design jobs will usually be handled by professional graphic designers, there are still many instances where we’re expected to do things in-house. Whether it’s a quick bit of print collateral, a presentation slide or an email promotion, most of us have to muddle through creating these without the training we’d have wished for.

One of the simplest yet most underestimated skills required is colour selection.

There are some good resources online giving us examples of basic colour schemes that work. More advanced colour mixing charts seem simple at first glance, but they hide huge numbers of possibilities.

It makes sense to start by deciding how many base colours we feel are appropriate: “less is more” usually applies here. Even so, experimenting with shades (adding black), tints (adding white), and tones (adding grey) opens the door to far too many choices.

28 Color Combinations That Work Like Magic in Social Media on the Creatopy blog is a nice introduction to this field.