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Implementing Google’s Consent Mode

‘Consent Mode’ is Google’s method for enabling us to use its Ads and Analytics tags while staying compliant with privacy laws.

When users visit our websites and choose their privacy settings, Consent Mode ensures data can be captured for analytics and marketing purposes, but in an anonymised way if requested. This means we can continue to track conversions and measure campaign performance even if some users opt out of cookies. It’s important that we have this set up if we’re using Google Ads; but even if not, implementing Consent Mode is advisable for users of Google Analytics or other Google tools, as it helps ensure legal compliance, maintains data accuracy and builds user trust.

For anyone who’s wondering if their website conforms to the requirements of Consent Mode, it’s worth reading 4 ways to check your website’s Google consent mode setup on Search Engine Land. Setting everything up can be a little complex, but for websites using commercial cookie compliance extensions, it should have been done automatically.