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ICYMI – All the blog posts from June 2024

As ever, the best tech will be invisible

Apple is set to be integrating AI through its product range in such a way that users might well not be aware they’re using it.

Why we need to keep asking AI to explain itself

If we ask ChatGPT where it got its data from, this should give us immediate insights into how to influence the results in future.

All about Dynamic Sitelinks

With “Dynamic Sitelinks”, Google scans the site and adds what it thinks are relevant links for the search.

Cutting our search advertising cloth to suit

Few companies can spend enough to meet the voracious capacity that search advertising offers, so budgets really need to work hard.

Google data leak angers SEO experts

Many SEO experts are really disappointed or angry. They believe that the ‘rules’ they were working to over the years may have been misguided.

Keeping buyers keen on content

Inbound marketing has been spoiled by bad actors and amateur ones. So how can we keep buyers keen? Here are a few strategies I’ve found.

YouTube: it works.

Every business has expertise and can produce useful ‘how to’ videos. For most of us, it’s largely a question of making the effort.

Keeping a lid on networked ads

We’re always wary of letting systems such as Google Ads’ display network place our adverts wherever they like, based on ‘what’s working’.

Google gives up on non-mobile sites

Google announced a while back that it was soon only going to be using a website crawler that posed as a mobile device.

Charting the opportunities

The ‘quadrant chart’ is an excellent starting point for understanding where our business sits in relation to its competitors.

Should headlines be the same as titles?

For those of us who like to craft our web page titles and headlines to work well with the search engines, what’s the current best advice?

Implementing Google’s Consent Mode

‘Consent Mode’ is Google’s method for enabling us to use its Ads and Analytics tags while staying compliant with privacy laws.

Bringing our writing to life

‘Wordclouds’ can be very useful as a personal tool to check that the right words are appearing – and the wrong ones aren’t!

Addressing the prospects we don’t know

By the time buyers contact us, many have made up their minds. They found us of their own volition, and were confident with what they saw.

The Art of Colour

One of the simplest yet most underestimated skills required from many marketing professional is colour selection. Where do we start?

We have to be better

Even mediocre results can be hard to beat if they’ve established themselves, but something newer and clearer will stand a chance.

Are we copying sales’ mistakes?

If marketing copywriting is to create content that takes the place of sales presentations, we should learn from sales research.

Another reason to make videos!

Google is transcribing YouTube videos to train its AI systems. The relative quality of the words in YouTube videos may be at an all-time high.

Why branding is getting more important

Establishing – or re-establishing – a brand isn’t quick or cheap, but it’s going to be increasingly worth the investment.

You only write when you rewrite

Just get something down on paper. It needn’t even be a ‘first draft’; just some bullet points or a ‘mind map’ style diagram will do.