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Google gives up on non-mobile sites

Google announced a while back that it was soon only going to be using a website crawler that posed as a mobile device. This will be fully implemented in the next couple of weeks. What does this mean? I hope nothing, for most of us. Anyone who still has a website that looks bad on small screens probably found their site started to rank less strongly a long time ago. Things won’t change for them though. The impact of this latest move will be on sites that simply can’t be viewed on a mobile device at all. And that can’t affect many siteowners.

John Mueller of Google wrote: “It’s not about mobile-friendliness. Old-school, table-based websites are totally fine. It’s only a problem if the site does things like block all mobile users with “you must use a real computer” pages – and let’s be real, how often have you run into that in the last years? It’s also not a ranking thing – it’s about what can or cannot be indexed. Mobile-friendliness doesn’t play a role at all. I can’t imagine any site made or updated in the past 5’ish years would be affected.”

So don’t worry about any alarmist chat you may see elsewhere.