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All about Dynamic Sitelinks

“Sitelinks” are the subsidiary links that appear under Google Ads, advertising other pages on the advertiser’s site. They used to be called ‘extensions’ but Google now refers to all elements of ads as ‘assets’.

Sitelinks have been around for years, and although they don’t attract that many clicks, they do increase the ad’s prominence (sometimes massively) and subsequently entice more clicks, albeit mainly to the main advert link.

Sitelinks in Google Ads

Setting them up is a bit of a chore, but it’s a worthwhile exercise. They’re normally set at a campaign level, but can be set up across the whole account.

Dynamic Sitelinks

Dynamic Sitelinks save the effort, as they are automatically generated by Google. Originally clicks on them were free, to encourage their takeup (and because actual clicks on them have always been low), although that’s no longer the case. Google scans the site and adds what it thinks are relevant links for the search.

Sitelinks can appear even more prominently than just the plain blue links – they can have descriptions too. If we’ve created sitelinks manually but didn’t get as far as adding descriptions, turning on automatically generated assets also allows Google to write these for our manual links.

All such automatically generated assets can be started and stopped with a click. We tend to control things like this at campaign level. Under ‘Assets’, select a single campaign and ‘Campaign Settings’ should appear top right. The options under this will contain the ‘Automatically Generated Assets’ switch.