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Addressing the prospects we don’t know

When I write about the increasing importance of branding, the concept is part of a wider picture. Buyers are doing a lot more of their own research and making a lot more decisions without revealing a long list of vendors nowadays. We now must address those who we don’t know, not just those who have declared their hand by making an enquiry. This means establishing a more significant presence in the market, to ensure we’re not overlooked as often.

By the time buyers contact us, an increasing number have made up their minds. That means they found us of their own volition, and were confident with what they saw. Our brand, and our marketing material, has to become more authoritative.

I’m coming to the conclusion that we also need to move on from the model of marketing generating leads and sales following these up. One way to tackle these issues could well be for sales and marketing to work more closely, or even become integrated. This will allow creativity, data analysis and customer interaction to benefit each other. There are interesting times ahead.