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Update great content, but be subtle about it

Rewriting and updating popular articles and resources on our websites is an SEO tactic that’s always worth considering. Like anything, think about it from Google’s point of view. Why wouldn’t it want to reward people who improve their offerings?

The general advice from SEO experts is that the best approach is that the less significant the page element, the more we should look at expanding and enhancing it. Conversely, if a page is doing well, we should be careful about changing the headline and title, which are important elements that are presumably working well.

The one thing it’s really inadvisable to tinker with is the URL. The page has presumably in part ranked highly because it’s got some external links, and we don’t want to break these. Of course, we can redirect the old URL, but we really don’t want to say to Google: “This is something quite new and different”. Subtlety is good advice.