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Taking the lede seriously

Here’s a lovely article for anyone who wants to increase the appeal of the articles they write.

5 Real-Life Ledes That Kinda Work (and How They Could Be Better) on the Content Marketing Institute blog looks at examples of introductory sections to news stories, included to entice the reader to read the full story.

Also known as ‘ledes’, good introductions hook the reader, indicate the subject matter, and set the tone. The lede doesn’t have to be long (it’s just the first sentence on this post) but it’s critical.

The article concludes by adding: “While ledes do their Herculean work at the beginning of the content, they also play a role at the end. …The best writers remind me what the article was all about by tying the conclusion back to the beginning. That cohesive technique reminds the reader why they were interested in the content in the first place and delivers a more satisfying ending.”