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ICYMI – All the blog posts from May 2024

Using AI to give us some eureka moments

I’m fast coming round to the view that the best use of current AI tools is already analytical rather than generative.

Spam is our problem

If you subscribe to an email and want to reduce the chances of it being rejected by your email system, add the sender to your ‘whitelist’.

Google update: time for some analysis

Google has just completed a major update, and it’s worth us all taking a look to see if our sites have been affected.

Could we do a podcast?

It needn’t be a big commitment, and just having a podcast available really adds to the air of authority we should all be trying to achieve.

Back to the days of simple Google search results

Google has introduced a results page filter called ‘web’ which just lists the websites related to a search.

Trying to stay in control of titles

What’s the point in crafting smart, intriguing, on-point titles for a page if Google is going to display something it’s made up?

Food for thought

I recently listened to an interview with an engineer talking about his perception of suppliers, and got some good ideas from it.

Keeping everyone happy on the home page

How to help a home page do its number one job, telling customers they’re at the right place, without losing that slogan the MD loves.

A sneak preview of automated ads

I think that this is where services like Google Ads will be quite soon: give us an idea of what you want us to say, and we can do the rest.

Ads without a website

Google Performance Max For Marketplaces has been designed for businesses that just sell products through online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Taking the lede seriously

Also known as ‘ledes’, good article introductions hook the reader, indicate the subject matter, and set the tone.

New tools to make video production easier

It’s worth looking at some very interesting new video editing tools which can really speed the process. Here’s a roundup.

Update great content, but be subtle about it

If a page is doing well, we should be careful about changing the headline and title, important elements that are presumably working well.

Is AI now an improvement over stock images?

I’ve used Adobe Firefly a couple of times in the last week alone, and it was far quicker than using stock image libraries.

Ensuring technology pays for itself

We need to be monitoring the effectiveness of our marketing technology as diligently as we monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

A test that’s withstood time

There’s a good argument that the BBC’s mission contains a test we can apply to all the content we create in marketing

A big website change is a big job

When moving a website to a new server, domain or CMS, if we’re quoted a small fee to do the job, we should be very wary.

Are the new search engines sending visitors?

It might be quite interesting to isolate visitor traffic from so-called “AI” services in our Google Analytics. Here’s how.