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Google update: time for some analysis

Google has just completed a major update, and it’s worth us all taking a look to see if our sites have been affected. Anyone monitoring rankings of key search terms (a support service which BMON offers to its clients) will have any changes laid out clearly in front of them. Even so, it may be worth spending some time in Google Search Console investigating changes and trends.

Other things that we should be keeping an eye on are:

  • Has anything new appeared in the results for key search terms, such as new results, sites not seen before, or changes in presentation such as new ‘snippets’?
  • Are any impacts on our sites general, or affecting certain pages or topics? If they’re good, is there anything to be learned that can be applied elsewhere?

Google’s regular algorithm updates are always a little worrying, due to their opaque nature, but they also keep us on our toes. There are many ways of monitoring our progress, but however we do it, even if it’s just taking a few screenshots every month, it’s a job that’s well worth doing.