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Food for thought

I recently listened to an interview with an engineer talking about his perception of suppliers. There were quite a few ideas I jotted down about branding which gave me pause for thought.

First of all, he said that many people in buying positions perceive a brand not merely as a logo and company colours, but as the sum of all the interactions they have, and the feeling those interactions leave behind. Effective marketing should therefore aim to shape how a brand wishes to be seen across the board.

Buyers like suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to their brand beyond superficial branding. So it’s crucial to communicate not just immediate benefits but also the long-term value a company creates, perhaps by showcasing an investment in development.

Finally, the move away from automated marketing processes to traditional personalised engagement is something buyers appreciate. It can easily change a view of a brand. Marketing professionals would do well consider how they could use more personalised tactics that make potential buyers feel valued and understood.

Of course, it’s easier to talk or write about ideas like these than it is to work out how to put them into practice. However, if we just bear them in mind and let them influence our day-to-day mindset in marketing, it might lead to some good decisions.