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Could we do a podcast?

Bear with me, I know you’re thinking: “That one really is a step too far”, but a podcast could be something that many businesses might think about. It needn’t be a big commitment, and like so many types of what seem to have become called “content”, just having a podcast available really adds to the air of authority we should all be trying to achieve. Even prospects who don’t listen to it might be impressed by seeing it on the company website.

The main thing to realise is that the podcast channel doesn’t have to be frequent or regular. It can be just a nice place to store recordings of company presentations and seminars, or the occasional interview with management or an authoritative member of staff. It’s not necessary to chase ratings in the podcast charts or anything like that.

The technology required to create a podcast is minimal – a tie-clip microphone for the speaker, linked to a laptop or phone, is all that’s needed really. Whoever’s in charge of the podcast can add an introductory piece, and it’s ready to upload to the world.

I’ve taken part in many podcasts in recent years, as an interviewee or guest, but it was only this year that I became involved in producing one*. It turned out to be much more straightforward than I thought; inevitably, there are now many tools available which have turned the production and distribution into just a few clicks. There are even smart editing services available which transcribe the speech and then allow the recording to be edited by striking out the words that aren’t required.

*Yes, I know our business ones won’t be troubling the charts, but I’m quite excited that the one I’m involved with has sneaked its way into the UK politics top 10!