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Ads without a website

Long term readers will be familiar with the way Google is trying to ease advertisers towards having their ads designed and placed by machine learning. As I’ve often written, large businesses with marketing managers are very unlikely to accept this, as none of us can be seen to let unapproved messages go out on behalf of our employer.

A new development however is targeting a more sensible set of advertising prospects. “Google Performance Max For Marketplaces” has been designed for businesses without a website – those that just sell products through online marketplaces such as Amazon. I would imagine it will particularly appeal to the Chinese and other Asian manufacturers who dominate those sites, as it will allow them to buy smartly-targeted advertising without any effort. Their existing product data feeds will be enough.

For the rest of us, there’ll probably be a knock-on effect in terms of PPC advertising costs per click, but let’s wait and see.

More details here.