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A sneak preview of automated ads

This is not much more than a novelty at the moment, but a tool called AdGPT shows the way in which AI-powered software might be used to generate ads in the future. You can try AdGPT for nothing (name and email required), and it’s an amusing exercise. Put in your website, optionally an image, and some direction for the ad, and it’ll generate dozens of small online ads for you to see (and download if you subsequently subscribe). You might enjoy giving it a go.

I can see a few uses for this already, but more importantly I think that this is where services like Google Ads will be quite soon: give us an idea of what you want us to say, and we can do the rest.

Of course, if we have to spend ages choosing and approving the ads, it may not save us much time, but what the advertising platforms will be hoping we’ll do is to allow them to use this sort of technology to create ads without our involvement.