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Please leave Reddit alone

There’s a lot of chat in the professional SEO community at the moment concerning the Reddit news and forum site, which many people claim is getting extraordinarily high rankings in the Google results. I’ve been seeing this too …or at least I think I have. It could be confirmation bias.

There are examples online of Reddit comments appearing in the Google results within hours of being posted, and others of Reddit comments getting to the very top against old, strong opposition from highly authoritative sites.

Of course, this may be real, but may be the result of deliberate changes in the Google rankings to prioritise user-generated material on well-moderated sites. It may well all cause a feedback loop where Google users start to see – and like – Reddit results, which in turn get promoted up the rankings. Google meanwhile is adamant that no specific promotion is going on.

Someone else wrote that Reddit discussions are usually interesting, so you get better Google results by adding ‘reddit’ to the end of the search. For goodness’ sake, no.

Even worse, because of the increased prominence of the site, lots of folk are rushing to add their own comments on Reddit to try to capitalise on all this. Please don’t. It won’t last. I won’t be complicit even in a tiny way to spoiling one of the web’s better resources.