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ICYMI – All the blog posts from April 2024

Archiving old Google Analytics data: what should we save? (1)

If we want to refer back to older Google Universal Analytics website visitor data, it’s time to sort out and get what we need.

Archiving old Google Analytics data: what should we save? (2)

We’re about to lose the website visitor data we had in the old Google ‘Universal’ Analytics …forever. So we need to download it now.

AI can expose where we can’t see the wood for the trees

ChatGPT can offer a detached view on marketing content, such as our website, if we ask it to think like a real customer.

Misuse of AI isn’t worth it

If anyone internally or externally suggests that ‘AI’ content creation is the way ahead, please remain skeptical.

Keeping ads clean …and transparent

Overall in 2023, Google blocked or removed over 5.5 billion ads, and 12.7 million advertiser accounts were blocked.

Where we are with evolving Google Search: April 2024

As well as recording our changing positions in the search results, I’d also suggest actually taking screenshots of the results.

Is 99% wastage acceptable?

The old adage that “50% or our advertising is wasted, we don’t know which 50%” is false. I’d suggest that the figure is nearer 99%.

Three circles for the bigger picture

Once we’ve positioned our products and services in the various parts of the Three Circles Framework, interesting questions come to light.

Instilling customer confidence through marketing

Sales teams can fail not in getting over the story, but understanding the risk they are asking the customer to take.

Please leave Reddit alone

Reddit is getting high rankings in the Google results. Google meanwhile is adamant that no specific promotion is going on.

What are Key Events?

It’s not something new to learn about, it’s just an alternative label for what used to be called ‘conversions’. And I think it’s a good move.

You’ll regret not reading this article.

Losses can be twice as powerful psychologically as gains. We should tap into the desire to avoid the loss of a good opportunity.

Ads not showing? Prepare to have them paused.

Google is introducing a change that automatically pauses search campaign ad groups that have not had impressions in the past 13 months.

Don’t be unduly influenced by ‘Ad Strength’

We’ve never been slaves to ‘Ad Strength’, having seen many ads which convert excellently while being rated as ‘poor’ by the system.

Could a smaller website work better?

There are a few reasons why it can make sense to clear our websites of the pages which nobody ever seems to see.

Is your business on Apple Maps?

Apple Maps is pre-installed on all iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and is being used more widely than ever before.

Don’t give up on links – completely

We shouldn’t give up on getting external links: far from it. But they need to be meaningful, relevant ones.

The changing marketing challenge

Our job in marketing is to make sure they’ve seen our story, understood it, and been able to verify it. All in their own time.

An SEO audit is a big task

Coming up with a list of prioritised, understandable SEO actions (as well as writing a future strategy document) is a big exercise.

Don’t overspend on website hosting

For a normal, everyday corporate website, a standard hosting plan offered at a reasonable price should be just fine.

Now it’s ChatGPT without an account

Users will still need an account to save and review chat history, and a paid account to have access to products like DALL-E 3.