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Don’t be unduly influenced by ‘Ad Strength’

Anyone running a Google Ads campaign will – presumably – at least be aware of the ‘attribute’ awarded to each advert known as ‘Ad Strength’. This offers “feedback to help you focus on providing the right messages to your customers”, according to Google.

The verdicts on our adverts are ‘Poor’, ‘Average’, ‘Good’ and ‘Excellent’, apparently showing us “how well an ad creative follows Google’s best practices for optimal performance.”

Data can lie

Here at BMON, we’ve never been slaves to ‘Ad Strength’, having seen hundreds of examples over the years of ads which convert excellently while being rated as ‘poor’ by the system. Sure, Google has a lot of data to go on, but its automated rating must surely be heavily influenced by the performance of ads in other markets which really aren’t relevant to the niches in which we operate.

There’s always a worry that the ‘Ad Strength’ rating influences a Ad Rank or Quality Score, which would be important. But we don’t think that’s the case, at least today. We believe it’s influenced by the breadth of the ad’s applicability, which is not always appropriate to specialist B2B advertising. So we’d recommend treating ‘Ad Strength’ as an interesting view of our ads, but not something which should significantly influence our message.