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Could a smaller website work better?

We’re often advised that all content is good content, or at least it adds something to the mix, however small. I mean, why delete something if it might somehow bring in a visitor at some point in the future?

However, there are a few reasons why it can make sense to clear our websites of the pages which nobody ever seems to see.

Firstly, the search engines only crawl a certain number of pages each time they visit. It’s possible that they might never visit every page on the site. Tools such as Google’s Search Console demonstrate this for most of us. Why waste the search engine’s visit with unproductive material?

Secondly, Google’s ranking of a page does contain an element of what it thinks of the whole site. Is a site with 10 great pages better than a site with 10 great ones and 100 poor ones? Probably.

Finally, the more pages we have, the harder it is to provide a navigation system that will enable visitors to get to the good stuff.

So don’t be scared to get rid of content that is no longer contributing (or possibly never did).