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Search beyond Google?

There’s no doubt about it, for B2B marketing in the western hemisphere, an online marketing strategy based entirely around Google Search can be a quite sensible one. Over 80% of conventional searches worldwide are made on Google. However, there are other sites to be aware of, both in traditional search and in what we might call alternative search.

In terms of conventional search engines, the only real competitor to Google in most of the world is Microsoft’s Bing. This is improving, and the company is arguably leading the way in AI enhancements, but few of us get more than about a tenth of the traffic from Bing that Google sends.

There are also different conventional search engines in other regions, particularly Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia. These need specific expertise to optimise for (especially in Baidu’s case) and so will only be of interest to businesses where the countries are significant markets.

Alternative search engines are becoming more significant, especially as online activity drifts steadily towards apps. The big one here is YouTube, which is becoming a first port of call for so many people looking for ‘how to’ guides, product reviews and just general explanations. Of course, getting traffic from YouTube is a very different thing to getting traffic from conventional web search, as we have to generate our own video content. But it simply cannot be ignored now.

Another hugely significant search engine is the one lurking within Amazon. This is only of interest for businesses with products being sold through the world’s biggest online marketplace, but an increasing number are now considering if that’s something they should be using.

Conquering Google Search should still be the priority for most of us. However, keeping our horizons broad is also worth some time and resource.