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Putting the sales email footer to work

The footer of a promotional email can be so much more than just a place to shove the legal small print. If we just think for a moment about why a reader might scroll down to that, we can then take advantage of the opportunity.

I think the two reasons why someone might head to the bottom are to find out contact details, and to unsubscribe. I suspect we all have those two items in the footer, but let’s think about what the reader is doing.

Firstly, the reader who wants our contact details. This is because they want to interact with us, and it’s therefore a great place to remind them what a professional outfit we are. Industry memberships, awards and even testimonials all have a place. While it’s quite possible to include all the contact options, it might be more sensible to link to a good ‘contact us’ page on our website. Just make it straightforward and easy!

Secondly, the reader who wants to unsubscribe. Usually, these links go to the standard mailing list unsubscription page. It’s worth considering why someone is unsubscribing, however. Perhaps they’re retiring, leaving the job or something. But what if they’re not, and they just don’t want newsletters or sales emails like this one any longer? Are we asking them? There might be other things they’d be happy to receive. In that case, should we be taking them to a page that asks them that question?