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ICYMI – All the blog posts from March 2024

How to build an authoritative article using the topic cluster method …and ChatGPT

With our new AI helper to hand, the focus turns to how we might structure our new content. Let’s illustrate this SEO technique.

More questions than answers

The ‘answer engine’ genie is out of the bottle, and it will completely change the web, in many cases for the worse.

Google Ads: here’s where we come in

We’ll find the best Google Ads search advertising targeting for you, while staying in control of the message.

Why marketing must never just be a support service for sales

When marketing is just a support service for the sales team, a company is unlikely to be building for the future.

Say it out loud

I first heard the term ‘blandvertising’ at least ten years ago, and it has stuck with me. Needless to say, we should avoid it at all costs.

Keeping the search advertising business rolling

Some very bright people at the search engines are even now working out how to adapt. Don’t worry. They’ll survive.

Search beyond Google?

Conquering Google Search should still be the priority for most of us. But keeping our horizons broad is also worth some time and resource.

Putting the sales email footer to work

The footer of a promotional email can be so much more than just a place to shove the legal small print. We can take more advantage of it.

They call the process the “messy middle”

Data scientists at Google have had a grandstand view of the buying process for years, and yet even they conclude that it’s unpredictable.

Writing with rhythm

Incorporating rhythm isn’t just about making copy sound good; it’s about creating a more engaging, memorable, and effective message.

A thumbs up for advertising online

A huge majority of internet users are in favour of more advertising if it keeps websites and apps free for everyone

An urgent need for some very specific content

Why the key to SEO going forward is going to be influencing or becoming the place that these AI-powered ‘answer engines’ learn from.

Avoiding awful generalisations

It can be wise to describe what the customer needs doing (and might be searching for), rather than the products they’re looking to buy.

Keep tabs on brand mentions

We should all employ monitoring tools such as Google Alerts to keep an eye on discussions about our brands and product names.

We don’t all see colour the same

If there are items on our website which can only be distinguished by colour, for some users, that’s going to mean mistakes can be made.

The Ultimate Guide to…

An article called “The Ultimate Guide to…” works in terms of getting traffic, maybe because people have had good experiences with it.

Keep up to date with online requirements

The ICO is the UK’s independent body concerned with information rights and it has excellent resources for businesses and other organisations.

Three questions to define our marketing message

It’s surprising how many of us can’t answer all three of these questions. Give them a try.