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Google Ads: here’s where we come in

The genius of Google’s auction-based search advertising model is that the more advertisers there are doing it badly, the more money the platform makes. Think of it this way: if 100 companies are competing to advertise against searches on “buy blue widgets”, the cost per click for the ads that get shown will be enormous. Meanwhile, if only one company is attempting to advertise against searches on “blue widget suppliers”, the cost per click will be pennies.

Fortunately, Google was able to think strategically enough to realise that expensive advertising would be against its long-term interests, and it’s done a lot to develop systems to direct advertisers towards the best-value advertising, including search terms, ad copy and audience targeting. I’d go as far as to suggest that for many advertisers, using all the automated systems on offer might be a sensible approach, especially if time is money.

And yet…

That’s for many advertisers. It’s not for us though. We don’t want to cede control to machines. For most professional businesses, not knowing what message is being used to promote the company is quite unthinkable. We wouldn’t do it, and I doubt you would either.

Here’s where we come in. Our team here at Business Marketing Online can give you the best of both worlds. We’ll find the best search advertising targeting for you, while staying in control of the message. We only work for technical, engineering and scientific businesses, and we have more years of experience doing this than we want to add up. Let us manage your search advertising and get on with the things you’d like to have more time to work on. You’ll get monthly reports on what we’re doing, and a whole range of other benefits. We even work for most clients on a fixed-invoice basis: tell us what you want to spend on your search advertising, including our charges, and that’s the figure you’ll pay each month.

Read our sales pitch here or just contact us directly here.