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Avoiding awful generalisations

It’s great that we sell lots of different things. We sell more, customers can buy different things on the same order, everyone gains. Except… it doesn’t half confuse some companies’ marketing messaging. Indeed, trying to describe what we do in a short phrase is the main reason for ending up with awful generalisations like “The Solutions Specialists”.

We all need to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes, constantly. Nobody thinks: “I wonder who sells red widgets and blue widgets?” They have a need for blue widgets. Sure, they might be interested when they learn that we can service their red widget needs too, but it’s the blue widgets they need today.

If we really, really have to find a way to describe everything we do in a single description, the best way to do this might be to think about what the range of products actually does. In other words, describing what the customer needs doing (and might be searching for), rather than the products they’re looking to buy.