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The increasing importance of video skills

Being able to script, shoot, edit and present a video is fast becoming one of the most sought-after entry-level skills in marketing. I would encourage any teenager who has an interest in this to develop the complete skillset as a very saleable asset on their CVs. Although few small- to medium-sized companies are employing full-time video creators yet, it’s an increasing requirement as part of a marketing role. What’s more, I do know of businesses who employed someone to make the occasional video as part of their job, but suddenly realised what a resource they had on their hands, and the ‘occasional’ task became almost full time.

Video can be used to support so many parts of even a small company’s operations – and not just sales and marketing. Video material is a huge asset for technical support, but it rarely gets made because the in-house resource just isn’t there. Sure, anyone can use a smartphone to record a video showing customers how to calibrate a blue widget; but if there’s nobody with the ability to edit it and post it online to a suitably professional standard, we all know the video won’t get made in the first place.

For that reason, finding the time to become proficient in video recording, editing and presentation should be essential for everyone in marketing. These days, knowing our way around Premiere or Final Cut is as important as PowerPoint.