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Stepping up remarketing

Remarketing adverts can work well even at the most basic level. Once somebody’s been to our website, what’s not to like about following up the visit by showing them adverts elsewhere?

But there’s an underexploited feature of remarketing which takes things further, and that’s to choose which ads to show – or even whether to show them at all – based on what the visitor did on the website.

For example, if they went to a page which indicates they’re in the research phase, such as a technology background article, they might be attracted back by more of the same, or by offers which get them into the buying phase. If they visited a page which was highlighted in a customer newsletter, we know they’re existing users and we might employ remarketing ads afterwards to show them product updates. Or if we can work out from their behaviour that they’re checking out different suppliers, it can be a killer move to pump our ads up to the top on Google search, advertising USPs or offers that they might not be aware of.

These are just some ideas, but there are many situations where targeted remarketing can be very effective.