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‘On page’ SEO in 2024

Although external links remain important in better search engine ranking, what’s actually on the page does too. Search Engine Optimisation requires both, as well as factors such as page speed.

So what do we mean by ‘on page SEO’ nowadays? There are many elements, but they should all be aimed at making it as clear as possible what the page is about. More than ever before, if we do weird things to try to ‘game’ the search engines, we’ll make it less clear what the page is about and ultimately defeat ourselves.

An ideal page has a headline in an ‘H1″ tag, followed (if appropriate) by subheadings in ‘H2’, ‘H3’ etc tags; a behind the scenes title which would be similar to the headline; a behind the scenes description expanding on the headline/title; clear content, with images and other media given appropriate descriptive tags; and internal and external links as appropriate to back up the content.

There’s nothing really new here, other than just to say: ‘be thorough, and be straightforward’.