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ICYMI – All the blog posts from February 2024

Take a look at what’s working

If we want to rank for a specific term, the starting point is trying to see how the existing results score on the most important factors.

Stick to text for the search engines

That headline on our home page? If it’s a graphic image and not text overlaid on a background, the words probably won’t be indexed.

Are you advertising where you think you are?

I have never seen an affordable advert on a business publication’s website generating lot of good quality traffic at decent value.

The customised email subject line

Having proved that the subject line directly influences the chances of the email being opened, how can that information be put to work?

Can Google resist taking complete control?

If Google forces advertisers to hand over control to machine learning, it’ll be a mistake. We don’t want ads that we haven’t approved.

Don’t let your webchat be misunderstood

Businesses with a webchat facility need to ensure that customers immediately understand that they’ll be talking to people, not robots.

A smarter incentive for surveys

If we offer survey respondents a report by return on how their replies stacked up to others, that’s an appealing proposition.

The increasing importance of video skills

Being able to script, shoot, edit and present a video is fast becoming one of the most sought-after entry-level skills in marketing.

The impact on ads of smarter search results

There’s no need to be too concerned: Google is not going to kill the goose that lays the multi-billion dollar golden egg.

Can we ask Google to reindex our whole site?

Unfortunately no. You’ll just have to wait, says Google. Search engines will update website changes automatically, but it’ll take time.

Content marketing isn’t just words

Content marketing is the practice of bringing together a wide range of promotional initiatives into a co-ordinated campaign

Differentiating our products from the competition

It’s not compulsory to differentiate our products or our company from the competition. But it’s a useful approach.

Stepping up remarketing

An underexploited feature of remarketing is to choose which ads to show based on what the visitor did on the website.

‘On page’ SEO in 2024

There’s nothing really new in on-page Search Engine Optimisation, other than just to say: ‘be thorough, and be straightforward’.

A bit of help with FAQs

Frequently-asked questions pages are an open goal, and coming up with questions is the sort of thing that AI is stunningly good at.

Combining comments to great effect

Bring a whole bunch of nice customer comments together, and they can underpin a really useful testimonial article.

LinkedIn continues to extend its advertising offer

Compared to some other sites, LinkedIn is a haven of stability. Sponsored LinkedIn articles are the latest advertising addition.

For ‘About Us’, read ‘Why Us’

The ‘About Us’ page is the best chance we get to tell our prospective customers why they should want to do business with our organisation.

How the internet has been remade in Google’s image

An excellent piece for anyone who wonders where we’ve been led by reliance on a search engine to keep so many revenue pipelines flowing.

New videos help with Analytics

Google itself is producing a video instruction series for Google Analytics 4, starting with the most important skill of all, reporting.