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Content marketing isn’t just words

I think for most people in B2B marketing, the idea of ‘content marketing’ is interesting, but perhaps a little less attractive than it ought to be. The reason for this is that although most of us have an idea of what we think content marketing is, our mental picture of it is perhaps a bit limited.

The most common example of content marketing that most of us will think of is technical articles, perhaps long-form authoritative ones. We’d all like to be producing a lot of those. That’s a good start, but just a start. What if shorter ‘articles’ such as blog posts and press releases were suggested? Few of us would disagree that these could also be considered as being part of content marketing. Then there are written case studies, interviews and other more human-angled stuff. These too can be put into the mix.

Content marketing isn’t just words either. What about video explainers, slide presentations or ‘infographics’? What about online tools, such as application-specific calculators?

It’s true – sadly – that the term ‘content marketing’ has been hijacked by service providers with a narrow skill set. But we shouldn’t be distracted by this. Content marketing is the practice of bringing together a wide range of promotional initiatives into a co-ordinated campaign, and as such, it’s something we should all be taking seriously.