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Combining comments to great effect

Do you have some nice customer comments which you have permission to use but which are looking for a home? Sometimes, these can be underexploited because of their brevity. But bring them together, and they can underpin a really useful testimonial article.

Here at The Blue Widget Company, we’re very proud of our enthusiastic customer base. In particular, they like our UK-based 24/7 support: “It’s been a welcome surprise after previous suppliers”, according to Mick Stockwell of Midfield Dynamos. A reminder too that this comes at no extra cost: “An unexpected and welcome surprise”, says recent industrial customer Simon Milton.

We’re also very happy that our switch to all-electric sprockets has gone down so well. “The Blue Widget Company made the whole process very easy”, says Ian Marshall from Solid Finishing Ltd.

(continued for as long as you want…)