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Your phone can be a lifesaver

Personal recording devices and cloud storage are a hugely underused resource. It was once a lifesaver when travelling abroad: I needed some passport information, but didn’t have my passport, but remembered that I’d once taken a photograph of it. And after a bit of ferreting around, there it was, on the phone in my pocket, lurking in the photo library.

After that I resolved to take photos of my passport, as well as my credit and debit cards (front and back, with the ‘what number to call when it’s lost’ details). All these go into a quiet recess of a Google Drive nobody else knows I have. I even gave it a misleading label, not that I have any real fear any bad actor will ever be looking around in this.

A recent Seth Godin column suggested a load of other ways to take advantage of having our own personal information vault in the cloud.

Got a new piece of equipment? Take photos of the manual and send them to the drive. When someone shows you how to do something, take a video of it for later. Ticket just arrived for an event (paper or electronic)? Snap and upload. When a recurring event happens for the first time, put it straight into an electronic calendar, even if you use a paper one generally. A monthly ping from a phone, saying a subscription’s just about to be paid, makes us consider whether we need that subscription for another month. I’m sure we can all think of other ideas too.

Anyway, that was my holiday inspiration. Back to the marketing stuff tomorrow.