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Website changes: getting SEO correct from the start

When planning a major website change, it’s critical to understand its impact on SEO from the outset. This applies whether the change is just migrating to a new server (while retaining existing content and domain names) or a more comprehensive overhaul involving new domains, URLs and content. Here are some key steps for a successful redesign with minimal SEO disruption.

  1. Detail every structural and design alteration planned for the website, so that the impact on SEO from each can be assessed.
  2. If URLs are being altered, follow the authoritative guidance.
  3. Updates to content and navigation can significantly affect SEO, so list and consider these in that respect.
  4. Consult with an SEO specialist if possible. Inexperienced handling of major revamps or migrations can lead to significant SEO challenges, and fixing problems afterwards is always much more expensive.

Remember, the search engines don’t want us to get things wrong, and there’s some great advice available.