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Should we redesign our website in 2024?

Anyone vaguely wondering if it’s time for a new website probably has one that’s still adequate. When a website needs redesigning, it’s fairly obvious, either to the people that run it, or to the users. Or both.

The lifespan of a website can be extended hugely by a process of constant improvement. I’ve seen sites that are unrecognisably better than when they were launched, thanks to frequent updates in their structure, navigation and aesthetics.

Here are some questions that indicate a website might need an update.

  • Is our site falling behind in terms of looks with the competition?
  • Does our site look suboptimal on mobile devices?
  • Are we doing very different things with it than when it was launched?
  • Is the site hard to update?
  • Does the site make it hard to add certain types of content?
  • Is the website traffic falling?
  • Is the conversion rate falling?

If the answer is yes to any of these, there’ll be a case for changes to the website, but not necessarily an expensive, complete ‘rip it up and start again’ exercise. All of them could be sorted out with a brand new website, but that will cost a lot (usually much more than we budget for) and take a long time (also usually much more than we budget for). The situation may only require some tweaks to the existing site.

Just don’t put up with one that has irritating deficiencies.