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SGE shows how Google will be transformed

Google’s ‘Search Generative Experience’ is a feature which has been tested over the last few months, presenting search engine users with “AI-powered overviews that bring together the most helpful and relevant information available for your search.” It will probably transform the Google search experience this year.

Google has been ‘scraping’ information from websites for several years, turning itself into an ‘answer machine’. There’s little point in us creating a web page to answer the question “how many blue widgets fit inside a red widget?” solely as a way of getting people to our website through Google, because if anyone asks that question on the search engine, it will just show the answer (it’s 4, by the way).

That information may have been stolen from our website, and there might be a link to us, but nobody’s going to click that link if they’ve already been given their answer.

Journey’s end

Search Generative Experience is an expanded version of that idea, but that doesn’t mean it will be even worse for us. True, it does aim to use AI to provide the user with an even more detailed answer, but the idea is to take people on a journey of further questions and answers, which (certainly for our more technical questions) may end up on our website.

I’m not sure where this will end up. Bing (which has been ahead of Google) has already relegated its more conversational answers down the page. But this time next year, I think we’ll see a very different search engine experience. There’s a good article about SGE on the Yoast blog here.