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ICYMI – All the blog posts from January 2024

Developing a new ChatGPT workflow (1)

A piece about how we might use Generative AI to get our thoughts in order, rather than expecting it to create a finished item.

Developing a new ChatGPT workflow (2)

Using generative AI to help with the first two steps in the traditional writing process, including the one we often skip but know we shouldn’t.

Developing a new ChatGPT workflow (3)

I’ve taken a ChatGPT-generated outline and have now written the article in my own words. Under 10 minutes, and I rather like the results.

Developing a new ChatGPT workflow (4)

It’s 35 years since I’ve had such a good editor sitting next to me, and I like it. Ands this one never makes me edit his stuff in return.

First impressions

The first thing a website visitor wants to know is: “Am I in the right place?” Incredibly, many business websites mess this up.

Don’t make me think

The proof of whether plain language works is in whether it inspires more people to take the call to action. The evidence is that it does.

SGE shows how Google will be transformed

Google’s ‘Search Generative Experience’ presents users with “AI-powered overviews” and will transform the Google search experience.

Your phone can be a lifesaver

Take photos or videos of anything that might be useful in the future. It’s so simple to do, and you may be so glad that you did it.

Can Google Analytics data affect ranking?

I genuinely don’t think it’s going to affect our ranking whether or not we use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Should we redesign our website in 2024?

There may be a case for changes to the website, but not necessarily an expensive, complete ‘rip it up and start again’ exercise.

YouTube is all about long-term potential

It’s not about the overnight viral hit; it’s about building a repository of content that grows in value over time.

If a product is selling well, say so!

Even a small number of sales or page views, such as a few hundred, can positively affect the perceived popularity and quality of a product.

How to quickly transcribe what somebody is saying

There are a number of dedicated apps available but I find the inbuilt speech to text capabilities on an an iPhone are great.

A whole new search engine for us to aim at?

Comparing SGE against the usual organic search results, it turns out they’re not twins, and barely even distant cousins.

Don’t run away from the important questions

There are three questions which prospects need answering, and yet many businesses run away from answering one or more of these.

The sound of authority

Text-to-speech has been around for years, but there are now website plug-ins that can offer really good audio reading of articles for users.

All that a product page really needs

Cover the following items on a product page, and it’s a very good start on ensuring the important stuff is all there.

Do we need to remove old redirects?

Some lists or page redirections are very long, and there’s always a possibility that they’ll slow down a site.

Website changes: getting SEO correct from the start

When planning a major website change, it’s crucial to understand its impact on SEO. Here are some key steps for a successful redesign.

Developing a Value Proposition

We all know about the ‘Call To Action’, but the Value Proposition is also crucial: this explains why customers should buy our product.

Google Business Profile free websites killed off

Google will redirect the free sites to the company’s Google Business Profile, but only until June, which is disappointingly short.