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How to quickly transcribe what somebody is saying

Here’s a quick tip which ties into some of the other stuff I’ve been discussing recently. I didn’t realise that so many people still didn’t know how to do this, but then again, it probably wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t know either. How do I quickly get a text transcription of something that somebody is saying?

This is how to do it with an iPhone. Fire up the ‘Notes’ app; click the ‘write’ icon bottom right to start a new document; then click the ‘microphone’ icon bottom right. The iPhone will start transcribing everything it hears to text.

To finish, click the ‘microphone’ icon bottom right again.

Just to make things even simpler, I have an app called TapTapMail that emails me anything with one click. So once the recording is done, I click the ‘share’ icon and then ‘TapTapMail’, and I get an email of the transcription.

Job done, with six clicks and no typing.

Of course, this is also the easiest way to make text notes yourself too, something I often do while I’m out for a walk.

There are a number of dedicated apps available which will do the same job, for all devices, including free ones. However, I find the inbuilt capabilities on an an iPhone are great.