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Don’t run away from the important questions

The three things on most potential customers’ minds are as follows:

  1. Does the company provide or service the product I need?
  2. Is it affordable?
  3. Can it be delivered in time?

This applies even when it’s not a catalogue product, and all parties understand that there’ll be conversations with sales and technical people during what may be a complex specification and buying process. These are the questions which they need answering in their minds, regardless.

And yet many businesses run away from answering one or more of these.

The arguments against publishing prices are often flimsy. But even if it’s not possible to publish a price list, it quite possible to address cost issues and reassure prospects that our prices are competitive, or good value …and to demonstrate how and why.

As for delivery, unless our delivery really is much worse than our competitors, we should explain what it’s likely to be, why that’s the case, and state that it compares favourably with other suppliers.

In both cases, testimonials to back up what we’re saying can work beautifully.