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Developing a Value Proposition

B2B websites, especially product pages, often lack the essential elements of a clear ‘Call To Action’ and a well-defined ‘Value Proposition’.

This is odd, because it can be argued that these two elements are all that a product page really needs.

The Value Proposition explains why customers should buy our product, detailing how it will ease their lives and outperform competitors.

It’s important for the Value Proposition to be easily understandable and, if possible, include quantitative assessments of any value. It should be a lot more than slogans, taking up several paragraphs and bullet points if necessary.

I always think that the effectiveness of a Value Proposition is measured by its ability to pre-empt basic questions from potential customers. It should be refined until this question is no longer applicable. Keep challenging it with the “So What?” question.

Take a look at a few of your existing product pages and ask if they truly answer why customers should buy the product.