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Developing a new ChatGPT workflow (3)

Yesterday I took a 30-second, dictated, brain-dump of an article idea and got ChatGPT to deconstruct the main points and create an outline of an article for me. Overnight, I’ve taken the outline and have now written the article in my own words. I limited myself to 5 minutes. Here it is:

From Dictation to Publication: Streamlining Writing with AI

Many people in business have been experimenting with generative AI to replace, rather than enhance, their writing processes. The results may have been disappointing, as directly using ChatGPT to write an entire piece can result in content that probably lacks the author’s own style.

But there’s an alternative: getting ChatGPT to formulate the structure of the piece, from ‘starter’ content simply dictated by speech-to-text. Using this as a template for a personally-written article allows for style retention and personal touch. ChatGPT excels at reorganising and refining dictated content.

Writers often avoid using AI for rewriting because they perceive it as an extra step after the initial effort of writing. By dictating ideas loosely, AI can be effectively used to identify key concepts and reformat them appropriately.

That’s the intention of this week’s exercise. I encourage you to experiment with loosely dictating some ideas and using generative AI like ChatGPT to bring them together, exploring how this approach can improve your writing process.

I quite like that. Total time for the brain-dump, for getting ChatGPT to turn that into an outline, and then writing the article: under 10 minutes.

But remember the traditional way that most of us write any piece that I mentioned yesterday?

  1. Think about the ideas
  2. (maybe) Sketch out an outline
  3. Write the article
  4. Edit the article

We’ve now used ChatGPT to take over step 2, but not step 3, which we’ve kept for ourselves.

But what about step 4? Can we get ChatGPT to do that? Let’s find out tomorrow.