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All that a product page really needs

Yesterday I suggested that a clear ‘Call To Action’ and a well-defined ‘Value Proposition’ are all that a product page really needs. Someone asked if this was true, and I think that it is. There might also be images, video, data tables, case studies, testimonials and more, but use these questions as a template for a product page, and the important stuff should all be there:

  1. Value Proposition (1) – how the product solves problems
  2. Value Proposition (2) – the specific benefits purchasers can expect
  3. Value Proposition (3) – why the product is better then the competition
  4. Call to Action – a compelling offer encouraging the potential customer to get in touch

As we’ve discussed before, the offer in the call to action must be more than just the chance to talk to a salesperson about what the price might be. It needs to give the reader a compelling reason to do something and not simply move on to investigating the next supplier.