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A whole new search engine for us to aim at?

Will the results from Google’s new “Search Generative Experience” just be a new way of presenting the same references, or will it be like having a whole new search engine for us to aim at, and optimise for? An early study ran 1,000 commercial terms through a handful of SGE-enabled Google accounts “to assess the impact of Google’s SGE on organic results and evaluate the likely impact for SEOs everywhere.”

Its conclusion: “This is arguably going to be the biggest change in Search in the past decade. If Google decides to roll out the current incarnation of its Search Generative Results then SEOs will see the traffic and value from top organic rankings dissipate.”

Comparing SGE against the usual organic search results, it turns out they’re not twins, and barely even distant cousins. A huge 94% of the time, SGE is presenting URLs that are not seen in the top results of a standard search. Only a slim 4–5% of generative URLs match with those on the first page of organic results, with 1–2% being from the same domain but a different page.

I’m going to wait and see what happens. The SGE results could change, or the whole idea of detailed answers in search might not take off. Watch this space.