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Nothing new under the sun

What have we got to look forward to in the next year of business-to-business online marketing? For those of us whose main results have always come from outreach email and from search engines, the focus shouldn’t change. If there are three things into which we should pour our time and resources, they’re the obvious ones: maintaining a genuinely useful website, communicating with our customers intelligently and frequently by email, and ensuring we have a strong presence on the search engines (which to all intents and purposes still means Google). For each of these, we need great content. We are all publishers and reference sources now.

According to Google, there will be a lot of new developments in 2024. However, at a conference last month, a spokesperson said: “There’s so much coming on, and I don’t want to say ‘buckle up’ …because if you’re doing good stuff, it’s not going to be an issue to you.”

There are dozens of articles online examining how trends might develop next year, and I’d recommend spending a little while reading some, to get a broad overview. But none of us will go far wrong if our efforts remain centred on ensuring that our businesses continue to be seen as experienced, authoritative and trustworthy experts.