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Make the effort with the Company Profile

Many years ago I was delegated the job of compiling the exhibition catalogue for the largest engineering exhibition in the UK at the time. This meant requesting, chasing and then often having to edit over 400 ‘company profiles’. It’s not the sort of job you willingly volunteer to do a second time.

I tweaked the first few that came in to meet the ‘style’ (length, voice etc) that we’d asked for. I quickly gave up when I realised three-quarters of the submissions weren’t going to be remotely what we’d requested. It was obvious that on getting our request, most companies just sent through the same write-up they used in some previous catalogue (and probably the one before that, and the one before that). I even received some that I could see had incorrect information about their own company, that’s how out of date they were.

Today, we might only exhibit at the occasional trade show, and there still might be some sort of catalogue, but the company profile can be as frequently requested as ever, because there are so many online opportunities to use it.

And I’d bet it’s as neglected as ever.

This is such a shame. People read this stuff. How long would it take to write something better than our previous effort? Or something more tailored to the publication or website where we’re sending it?

Who’ll sheepishly admit that they send out the same old dreary boilerplate text talking about being a ‘leader’ and providing ‘solutions’ and…